Self Loading Concrete Mixer


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 Self-loading Concrete Mixer is a kind of machinery which combined the function of the  mixer truck, concrete mixer and wheel loader together. It can automatically feed, measure, mix and discharge concrete. Equipped with a powerful engine and 4 wheel  drive , the self loading concrete mixer is just like a small car and the operator can drive it to where it needs to go. It is very convenient for loading material, such as cement, aggregate, stone. The raw material is scattered in the construction site.


1.  Saving time and labor
2.  Saving concrete transporting cost
3.  Mobile and highly motorized on site, more efficient
4.  Low maintenance cost
5.  High reliable and durable
6.  Easy operation and high intelligent
7.  Closed circuit hydraulic system, more powerful and reliable.


Model BTSL500 BTSL1000 BTSL2000 BTSL2600 BTSL3200 BTSL4000
Capacity 0.5m3 1m3 2m3 2.6m3 3.2m3 4m3
Drum Volume 1.6m3 2.2m3 4m3 4.65m3 4.8m3 6.1m3
Rotational Speed 0-15r/min 0-15r/min 0-15r/min 0-15r/min 0-15r/min 0-15r/min
Weighing System Config the electronic hydraulic weighing system to weigh water, cement, sand, and aggregate, Weighing number showed on
 the cabin display.
Cub Config with driving image / Closed cab with heating / cooling system / Tilting front window / Hommization seat with flexible 
suspension and height adjustment.
Engine Model QC2105 YN27GBZ YC4D85Z-T21 YC4T22T-105 YCD4J21G YCD4J22G
Engine Power 28.6 kw 55 kw 67 kw 78 kw 85kw 85 kw
Drive Form 4*2 4*4 4*4 4*4 4*4 4*4
Water tank capacity 200L 400L 600L 500L 620L 620L
Curb weight 3650kg 4950kg 6300kg 6550kg 7200kg 8500kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 4950x1500x2400 mm 5700x2100x2800mm 6700x2500x3400mm 6700x2500x3400mm 7800x2680x3300mm 8040x2850x3500mm


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