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Working principles of dry mortar production line


Working principles of dry mortar production line

Dry mortar production line is driven in a spiral with motion agitator shaft with high efficiency and rapid mixing materials so that the inner and outer spiral band turning in a wide range of materials.The inner spiral motion take the material from inside to both sides and the outer spiral with the material from both sides to inner.The material are blended back and forth while the other part of the material by a coil driven, axially radial movement, thus forming convection cycle.Do this cycle, the material can obtain rapid and uniform mixing in a relatively short period of time .
By the pneumatic fast open-door,quickly put the finished products,which are mixed well in the agravic dry mortar mixer,into the finished product silos to buffer and storage. Between the storage bin in the dosing and packaging machine there is through a flexible connection to measure and pack.Productivity particularly large users, can increase belt conveyor in the rear of the packaging process, directly deliver to the finished product area or the truck.