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what to do after concrete mixing station power failure?



It will be bad for the concrete mixer machine itself ,if the machine gets power failure during the running,like a computer,Unexpected power outage can do serious damage to memory, sometimes you even can't boot up it again . While the mixing station control system is the micro computer, for it,Sudden power outage is not only harmful to the machine itself,but also harmful to the production process and other aspects.Today we will talk about how to deal with it when the power is outage.

First of all, you should turn off the switch according to the operating procedures and rules, then promptly inform the staff and quickly determine the power downtime. If the power outage is caused by the external power grid,you should immediately start generating set. If the failure is mixing station distribution facilities,you should mainten facilities at once.
If the downtime in more than 30 minutes to 3 hours,you should inform the staff to stop adding concrete.

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