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What staff does concrete mixing station need



What staff does concrete mixing station need?
Depends on the size of the concrete batching plant, whether automatic or manual control system. 
Main staff including: General Manager, and Deputy General Manager, and technology chief engineer, and webmaster, and laboratory (Deputy) Director, and production manager, and sales manager, and sales Member, and scheduling, and laboratory class leader, and test member (material check, and quality control, and mixture ratio design), and material quality member, and machine operator, and information member, and site technician, and mechanic monitor, and maintenance Member, and load meter Member, financial and cashier, mixing car driver, and pump car driver, and other driver, and forklift driver, and miscellaneous workers, and chef etc.
Concrete mixing stations weighing system consists of mixer, materials, material handling systems, material storage system and control system of 5 major systems and other ancillary facilities. Property measurement compared with aggregate measure of aggregate, reducing the four intermediate and vertical discharge measurement, saving time, thus significantly improving the efficiency of production, the same type of case, mixing efficiency of plant-produced one-third efficiency. For example:HLS90  production efficiency is equivalent to the HZS120 station, HLS120  production efficiency is equivalent to HZS180 station productivity, production efficiency is equivalent to the HZS240 station HLS180 productivity. HIL is tower type concrete batching plant.