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The difference between uniaxial and biaxial ready mix concrete batching plant.



The host of mobile concrete batching plant includes uniaxial and biaxial ,single shaft is one of the traditional model,now biaxial is very popular in market. So does it means the single shaft is useless? The answer is no.Henan better will talk about it in detail.

If it is in the production of common concrete, they have no much difference in the production effect . So from this aspect, single shaft has not been eliminated, after all, it is cheap. And if a strict with production quality, you can only use the biaxial . The following are its advantages : First of all, In the process of mixing, biaxial can not only on the axis direction, but also can stir in the radial direction , so the result of mixing is uniform . Second, biaxial concrete mixing station host system is equipped with sliding gears and structure of V belt , which greatly reduces the noise . Finally, the double shaft mixer host unloading is relatively clean and flexible.

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