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Tips for concrete mixer maintenance


Tips for concrete mixer maintenance:

(1)Before the boot should check all the fasteners (bolts and nuts) loose, lubricating the lubrication points (grease) is appropriate, all rotating parts Have stuck clenched phenomenon.
(2)should be turned to disengage the clutch, and then start the motor, until the motor is up to speed, and then close the clutch into the load operation.
(3)Before running into the load should first start the next process of the device, in order to avoid clogging mud.
(4)in a stirred tank pug height shall not exceed the top of mixing knife to ensure mixing quality. When the mixing quality can not be secured, it may take double stirring system, which uses double shafts concrete mixer.
(5)attention to prevent metal and other debris falling into a stirred tank, in order to avoid mixing knife broke. Once found, they should immediately stop removed.
(6)The constant attention to the sound of moving parts, temperature vibration, bearing and the motor is normal.
(7)The constant attention of incoming wet and dry, and regulating water supply, to ensure adequate moisture content of mud. Water pipes to be used in the form of porous spray, water must not become a stock is added to ensure that the water evenly.
(8)The first stop should be emptied of mud should be removed after the shutdown
(9)mixer speed to even moderate feed, the feed rate to the mixing and extrusion production to adapt. Feeding a high speed conveyor belt will cause Blender "eat"; the other hand blender "hungry", resulting in some of the equipment idle, the load fluctuated.
(10)recommended in the mining of raw materials during the mixing process and "two water" approach to ensure mixing and preform quality. That is the raw material excavation process, ahead of 1 ~ 2d adding water to the raw material, and in the mixing process plus a small amount of water