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How to deal with the wastewater of concrete mixing station?



In addition to the dust , concrete mixing station of pollution emissions sewage is also included . Science of dealing with the sewage plays an important role in environmental protection measures . Daily discharge of sewage is so large , but how should we deal with it ? The following we will talk about how to deal with the wastewater in detail .

Many people put the wastewater into settling basin directly , then they discharge of sewage , after a period of time , They sent some people to dig out the following contaminants using the excavator . This despite realizes the recycled water, but it has put too much pollution on the land . While if the discharge of sewage are dealed with the coarse grid and filters , then putted into the tank , which is full of the biological treatment equipment . Statistics found that this methods reduce a lot of pollution . So only according to the methods above mentioned can you solve the land pollution well .

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