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The structure and theory of HZS35 concrete mixing plant


concrete mixing plant
  is concrete mixing equipment which taking single chip microcomputer 8098 as the control core. With control circuit adopts dc 24 v, it reduce the interference and improve the stability of the system.MCU aslocan communicate with PC . In addition , it has other functions too, such as consumption statistics, print statements and so on .

The basic working principle of concrete ready mix :

There are five steelyard in mixing station, which is sand, stone, cement and powdered admixture, water and liquid admixtures. The five respective steelyard weigh materials according to the concrete mixture ratio. The sand need to be promoted to the sand storage bucket on top of the mixer after being weighed .Then, according to the set order, it is putted into blender . After the concrete mixing well,conveyed to sit where needed through the truck.

Operation panel components of ready mix concrete plant :

There are two types of buttons on operation panel components, one is auxiliary component used for controlling of electric bell, thick oil pump, vibrator, broken arch, the other is used for executing concrete production, ingredients, feeding and release of concrete. Once these components is pressed, the contactor actions and contact actuations

Concrete mixing plant device :

It mainly includes the air switch, contactor, sensor, signal amplifier, operation panel, voltmeter and ammeter, 24 v dc power supply, electromagnetic valve, cylinder, screw conveyor. Sensors including weighing sensor and distance sensor, which is used to measure the weight of the material and the device action .

Concrete ready mix basic operation :

Basic operation of the station consists of three parts, one of them is the operation of the manual which is mainly used in the debugging, adjustment and maintenance.The rest are the operation of the controller and PC operation .

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