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the reduction methods of ready mix concrete batching plant production cost



Once the customer have bought the ready mix concrete batching plant, they began to consider how to reduce the production cost. Mainly from the consideration on the raw materials and equipment. The following is to teach you how to reduce the production cost in our daily life.

The raw materials of concrete mixing plant is mainly of sand, stone, coal cinder, coal, additives and water, etc. Waste of sand and stone material is one of the most serious, for example, sand, stone in the process of transportation will be spilled , at this moment the staff need to clean it .In addition, you also need to build sand separation pool . According to the statistics, If the staff keep doing like that every day , a medium-sized mixing station can save around $3 million a year.

Because a lot of manufacturers usually do not pay attention to maintenance, machine often fail, Annual maintenance cost is very big, So, the staff need to check, clean and mainten the station every once in a while.

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