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The influencing factors of concrete strength



The strength of concrete is one of  the important quality assessment indicators ,  When the concrete that is very soft  is used in construction, it will appear all sorts of problems after a period of time , such as building room desquamate, cracked pavement, bridge damage of large area .  It is not only unpractical, but also the appearance is not beautiful  . What are the factors affecting the strength of the concrete mixing station concrete?Today we will talk with friends from all over the world about it in detail .


According to the data statistics , the strength of the concrete is mainly related to hoop effect , the space inside the concrete , inside the concrete cracks , inside the concrete local is poorer , Inside the concrete moisture content and so on . So what is the measures to improve the strength of the concrete ?It mainly includes the following methods : adopting high strength grade of cement , adopting low water cement ratio , adopting less impurity bone grain . In addtion , the making process of the concrete is scientific and reasonable , this requires that the process of the concrete production should be sure to stir to mix well . You also should add the right amount of admixture and it must be protected at ordinary times , such as the ground , you should try not to let the large heavyweight other cars passing by , if the machine has to pass through, you must make sure the protection device is added on wheels If someone accidentally put the hydrochloric acid and acetic acid on its surface . You must let the environmental protector thoroughly clean it over . Otherwise , it has a great damage on the surface .

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