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The fully hydraulic fine stone concrete pump has many advantages


 The fully hydraulic fine stone concrete pump has many advantages

The fine stone concrete pump is the machinery which uses the pressure to carry the concrete along the pipeline continuously. Consists of a pump body and a conveying pipe. According to the structure of the form is divided into piston type, extrusion type, water pressure diaphragm. The pump body is mounted on the chassis of the car, and then equipped with a retractable or folded cloth lever, the pump is formed. The main advantages of fine stone concrete pump are:

1, high standard of safety and reliability: The main structure of the selection of imported HIGH-STRENGTH steel plate manufacturing, the use of vibration damping technology, the protection of unilateral operation, the prevention of tilting control technology, etc., to provide a full range, high standards of safety and reliability.
2, pump efficiency High: fine stone concrete pump uses the ultra large displacement pumping technology, may greatly reduce the pumping frequency, enhances the inhalation efficiency, reduces the related component loss.
3, operation and maintenance facilities: fine stone concrete pump uses the piston automatic return, stirs up the automatic stirring, the middle ring and the piston rod easy disassembly and so on, the operation is convenient, greatly reduces the maintenance cost.
4, section-level environmental protection: engine Intelligent Energy-saving technology, can save fuel 10%.
5, the high configuration of imported pumps and motors, such as liquid-electric systems, to ensure the stability and reliability of the liquid-electric system.
6, the transmission pipe, the variable diameter tube, the eyeglasses plate cutting ring and so on all adopt the high wear-resisting material, lengthens the consumable life.