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The effect of water reducing agent



 Since the water reducing agent of concrete mixing station is joined too little . Some people start to think that the water reducing agent is dispensable , So they just choose not to add , is it really like what they thought , what on earth the role of the water reducing agent is ? Henan better will talk about it in detail.

The effect of water reducing agent mainly includes the following aspects . It not only can improve the liquidity and the working strength of concrete . but also can improve the workability of concrete . In addition , It can also improve the strength of the concrete and reduce the amount of per unit , greatly saving the cement . Since it has a magical effect , So how much water reducing agent need to be added ? This requires classification discuss , if the project is relatively small , if the staff is experienced ,he can manual configuration at this moment . If the project is large , we recommend that you use weighing machine control equipment .Whether manual configuration or machine configuration , According to our experience , it requires scientific ratio , ensuring the normal role of water reducing agent .

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