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The effect of ready mix concrete batching plant fly ash



Fly ash is a kind of fine ash collected from coal combustion flue gas after down. Fly ash is a major solid waste from coal-fired power plants. It is mainly composed of SiO2, Al2O3, FeO,Fe2O3,CaO,TiO2.It not only can be hardened in air,but also can continuous hardening in the water . Since it is a relatively fine mineral particles and filling effect,So it can increase the hardness of concrete, if the project quality requirements is strict, they need to use fly ash.

The main role of ready mix concrete batching plant fly ash : First of all,it not only can save a large amount of cement and fine aggregate,but also can reduce the water consumption . Second, it can improve the workability of concrete mixing . Finally, it can reduce the hydration heat and thermal expansion.

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