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The development history of the concrete mixing station.



There are various kinds of mixing stations in the market now, such as the skip concrete batching plant ,the belt concrete mixing plant and the mobile concrete mixing plant . but what  is the relationship among them ?Today we will talk about it .


The early concrete mixing station is the skip concrete mixing plant , because the steel rope of this kind is easy to be broken , so every once in a month or so, the staff will have to change a new one . So people began to use belt conveying material in order to solve this problem . Although it has solved the problem mentioned above , but the new problem appeares again , which is the original centralized feeding batching machine can't meet the requirements of the belt . So people begin to use a separate feed device . besides , the machine is equipped with a storage hopper at the end of the belt . In addtion ,they add a blender operating platform and batching machine operation platform on the basis of the original . But then the problem appeares again , which is the relocation . Because there are many parts added , making the relocation much troubler , It is not only time consuming , but also labor strength is big . So people invented the mobile concrete mixing station later , which can be mobiled . It is equipped with movable wheels , making the relocation just like going for a drive .

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