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The belt of ready mix concrete batching plant



The belt of mobile concrete batching plant plays an important role in the process of production, if the belt is running deviation during the machine running process , it will cause all sorts of problems that you unexpected, such as the production efficiency is low, wear equipment and material leakage.What factors lead to concrete mixing station belt running deviation?How to solve after the belt running deviation?Henan Better will explain in detail for you today.

when the belt running deviation, staff needs to observe the situation of the belt carefully. Finding which one it belongs to the following conditions. First, if the belt running deviation for a while on the left side and the belt running deviation for a while on the right side, which shows that the belt loose. Second, if the belt running deviation in one direction only, indicating that the tightness is not the same on both sides . Finally, if the mixing station drum installation is not correct, it can also lead to the belt running deviation.To sum up, the reason of belt running deviation are so many that only after carefully check can the staff solve the problom.

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