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Several factors deciding the small concrete mixing plant equipment price



With the development of new countryside, national infrastructure construction key from urban to rural areas . Now rural roads, Bridges, housing are under construction . So investing in a small concrete mixing plant is of great potential for development .So what are the most valuable assembly unit of the concrete mixing station?The following we will talk about it in detail .

the most important component is the mixing host , which is the core component of the entire device , the small mixing station generally choose JS500, JS750, JS1000 host , The price of this host is generally around 40000 . The second important component is a batching machine , We usually choose PLD800 or PLD1200 batching machine , whose price is 20000 to 30000 yuan . These two are the most valuable , the rest of the equipment is not worth much money. So a set of small concrete mixing plant is the price of 100000 yuan or so , The investment cost is very low , And before long, you will earn back the cost and begin to profit.

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