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How about investing in small cement block machine?



we have received a lot of  consulting in recent days , which is how dose it cost  when they are investing in cement brick machine ? Is there a market ?and so on . Today henan better will talk about the topic.

Small cement brick machine is so cheap that the whole device including the brick plate, mixer, wheelbarrow just need about 1000 yuan, The whole production line need only three people , so the human cost is very small .  As for whether the produced products have good sale ,  the answer is sell well . Now the new rural construction is under way, both built housing and roads are in the new reform .Before half a year, you will be able to earn back the principal .  According to the statistical analysis, a small cement block machine can obtain 30000 yuan of profits each year . The customers who buy the machine from us are running successly now .

Henan Better Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd specialized in the production of  cement brick machine  with 20 year experience.if you have a need for brick making production line  ,you can sent email to us Thank you.