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How to replace concrete mixing station damage of parts



In daily life, there are two kinds of concrete mixing station parts damaged , One is the machine has been used for a long time, some components are already aging . The other is workers do not pay attention to the maintenance , making equipment parts damaged , the following we will talk about how to replace the damaged parts in detail .

First of all, mixing blades and lining board is an important core component of mixing station , Staff should be in strict accordance with the maintenance manuals provided by company , when they are replacing it with a new one . Second , for the conveyor belt, when the belt is aging or damaged , workers should replace it with a new one . Third , when the host discharging door sealing strip is wear and tear , the staff should adjust the discharge door compensation , if it still can't solve the problem ,the staff need to replace a new one . Last , The filter element of powder tank filter is also easy to be damaged ,which need to be cleaned everyday . If there is still no effect after cleaning, the staff should replace it with a new one .

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