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How to reduce the wear and tear of JS concrete mixer?


When the mobile concrete batching plant is in running, there will be wear and tear between every parts and components in the machine, the wear get hot, energy is converted into heat, this is not only a waste of energy, but also is damage to the equipment, So reducing the wear is very important in the process of machine running. The following we will analyze the easy worn parts of concrete mixer machine and the solution.

Mixing blade,mixing barrel and ibrating screen are the most easy to wear and tear parts. mixing blade is direct contact with concrete, so the staff need to check whether the blender is contained of a large piece of hard things , when selecting the material, in addtion, they also need to clean and maintain mixing blade . As for the mixing barrel,workers need to clean up the mixing barrel after work every day, in order to prevent the concrete solidification .The bearing vibration is the main components of the vibrating screen,users should buy high quality bearing and often add lubricating oil on it.

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