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what concrete mixing plant operators have to do



1 Due to the composition of concrete materials are dust and particles,equipment will accumulate a lot of dust after

working for  a period of time .Staff should deal with dust removal device of cement warehouse top for once every

five days or a week.

2 Feeding port and discharging port of the ready mix concrete batching plant is the key parts in the process of conveying, the staff should check whether there is a blocking phenomenon,

3 If the machine has not started for a long time for special reasons, the operator need to clean up the cement of screw machines . In addtion ,you also should clear the inner wall of the feed port tube once a week, preventing scleroma blocks and blocking.

4 The bearing of ready mixed concrete batching plant must be added oil after a period of time.

5 The operator of control system should check the line to see whether there is a potential safety hazard every day ,keeping no dangerous items around the mixer and make records.

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