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What should we do when ready mix concrete batching plant suddenly stops running



Have you meet this kind of situation which is the mobile concrete batching plant is running, suddenly it stops.What are the reasons of the machine suddenly stopped ? How the solution of the corresponding, today henan better will talk about it in detail.

Why the wet concrete batching plant suddenly stop: First of all, serious overload can make machine suddenly stopped . Second, the temperature is too high in summer , at this time , the motor drive belt too loose. Finally, there is a large foreign bodies between the mixing blade of the machine and the inner wall of the tank.

The ready mix concrete batching plant suddenly stopped solutions : If it is the first case, the reason of machine stopping is the rotation of the stirring shaft load is very large, which makes the machine hard to go on work.Then you need to reduce the feed rate. If it is the second case which is  the easiest to determine , because there will have a cacophony of noise before it stops . Then the staff need to stop the machine and the new adjustment . If it is the third case, staff need to turn the transmission belt shorter.

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