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ready mix concrete batching plant used in the road industry



There are many kinds of  ready mix concrete batching plant on the market ,but their main use is roughly divided into two groups, one is used in the construction industry, the other is used in building railways and roads. today we will talk about the the first kind .

raw materials of highway is mainly asphalt, so the use of concrete mixing station is asphalt concrete mixing plant, due to the requirement of highway environment is different, so use of asphalt mixing plant model is also different . Asphalt concrete mixing plant is mainly divided into two kinds, one is the intermittent forced asphalt concrete mixing plant, the other is a continuous drum asphalt concrete mixing plant.

1 The structure and technological process of intermittent type equipment : it adopt the countercurrent heating mode and make good use of thermal energy, so asphalt concrete is of good quality.

2 Continuous drum asphalt concrete mixing plant : It adopts downstream drying heating way and dynamic measurement, when concrete is mixing ,dust is difficult to escape, so it is easy to achieve environmental protection standard.

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