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How to determine the proportion of ready mix concrete batching plant?



Ratio of ready mix concrete batching plant material is one of the important factors affecting the quality of concrete, which requires both accurate and on average.Currently weighing method including the volume and weight, but which one is better, what are the advantages of them?The following we will talk about it .

Water is one of the concrete material composition, which has the nature of heat bilges cold shrink, so in the winter and summer its volume change is very big, at this moment if use the method of weighing the volume will be error. So if you want to use the method of weighing the volume,you had better choose spring and autumn.

Another kind of material is crushed stone materials, there is air between the rubble, At this moment if use the method of weighing volume is error. Finally, you can use repeatedly weighed average method for getting more accurate weighing.

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