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The theory productivity and the actual productivity of concrete mixer machine



The theoretical value of production are marked on each concrete mixer machine , but a lot of customers found that the actual output amounted is less than the theoretical value when they put into production,then one by one began to ask us why?today henan better will talk about the topic about it in detail.

We take HZS25 mixing station for example, which is marked the theoretical value of production is 25 cubic per hour, but what i want to tell you is that it is just the theoretical , it is ignored a lot of factors. In the actual process of production , the equipment installation is unreasonable and most staff operation is not correct , which making the actual production in 20 to 23 cubic per hour . If the employee operation is not standard , some can only produce 18 m/h or less . So if you want to increase production, you must ensure that the equipment is installed correctly, the equipment is in good condition and staff operation is skilled .

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