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What are the operation points of HZS25 concrete mixing plant ?



After you had bought a ready mix concrete plant, the first thing you have to do is not putting into production,on the contrary ,you need to be familiar with the process of concrete mixing and production . Only doing like that can you meet a problem fewer later , even if having a problem someday ,you can solve it soon.

The process of concrete ready mix :

1 You must keep the site clean and drainage unblocked , also include the signal contact .

2 Feeding system should be equipped with device preventing aggregate into operation mechanism . General sand and cement cannot be the same tube slot feeding . The materials of hopper, tube slot parts should be discharge net every time ,shall not be reserved for the next feeding .

3 When referring to the feeding, you can adopt a feeding and feeding for many times. A feeding is putting material into blender according to the order of process. In order to prevent cement sticking shaft, you are forbidden to put the cement firstly.You should mix cement and sand for a while , after cement spreading out, then pouring water, avoiding a cement ball cement is wrapped by water. Multiple feeding mixing concrete, also called shell concrete,because it is too complex ,only need to have a special handling procedures can you achieve it 

4 When the ready mix concrete plant is running ,frist making sure of meeting the process requirements by controling the measurement accuracy and the time of mixing ., second , you should check the abnormal and failure ,such as whether discharge hole is leaking pulp or not .

5 After the completion of the work ,you'd better use a small amount of stones and water to clean mixer, making sure the concrete is not reserved in the mixer.At the same time ,cleaning up the stirring scene . When all of a sudden power outages or downtime, you should operat the concrete within the host shipped out in time carefully.



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