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Summary of mobile concrete mixing plant structure


Summary of mobile concrete mixing plant structure:

1.The host chassis:Cantilever shaped mixing host chassis, chassis contains a trailer truck traction pin, parked inside leg;put mixer,powder scale,water scale and liquid additive scale on the chassisThe surrounding ancillary maintenance catwalk, railings, etc.

2.control room:the control room in the bottom of the belt conveyor, mixing plant automatic control system,when the working state control room as the site of the former point, when the ferry transport control room within the stent empty pack up collection.

3.Aggregate weighting:this system is located in background of the site, the upper for aggregate (sand, stone) storage hopper,and the air in order to open the door operation, aggregate measurement methods for a variety of material measurement way.

4.Belt conveyor frame:The frame for the connection between a host chassis and aggregate ingredients framework of truss structures, built-in belt rack;

5.Peripheral components:For the cement silo, and screw conveyor, peripheral components no matter work or transportation are integral parts, without dismantling can therefore be overall transportation, dismantling.

6.Mixing host:Using JS forced mixer, it can be finished quickly even mixing liquid and dry concrete.