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Mobile concrete batch plant price in Better Company


 ile concrete batch plant for concrete mixing station - Buy Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant,,Mobile concrete batch plant in Henan Better Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd.

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Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant----Mobile concrete batch plant for concrete mixing station

YHZS35 concrete batching plant is kind of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant developed by Henan Better Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd, based on the advantage of many
models in China and overseas and the advanced technology, combing the experience of Better in the past years. The batching unit, aggregate conveying unit,
water supplying and additive agent supplying system, scaling system, mixing system, electrical control system and pneumatic system are centralized in one
trailerized chassis. It has the feature of instant trailing, instant stop, reasonable structure, well function, reliable working, convenient operation, accurate scale,
particularly suitable for moving sites and construction site like road, bridge, dam, airport.

The main technical parameters YHZS35:-----Mobile concrete batch plant for concrete mixing station

Output capacity

35 m3/h


Discharge height


Main mixer feeding-output




Automatic-electronically controlled/semi-automatic electronic control system

 PLC + IPC / console

 Total capacity


60Kw (excluding optional items)

 Hopper volume

4x5.5m3 or 2x11m3

 Total weight

≈ 23000kg (excluding optional items)


Measurement range

 Aggregate (superimposed measurement)




Working state





Transportation state




 Trailer speed

about 60Km/h




Optional items

Cement powder silo, screw conveyor, sand and gravel aggregate feeding system.

Aggregate size



The power, weight, outline of the whole unit are not including that of the powder silo and screw.

Mobile concrete batch plant for concrete mixing station YHZS35:

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 Mobile concrete batch plant for concrete mixing station

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 our  certifications-----35cbm mobile batching plant for concrete mixing station YHZS35


How to delivery our mobile concrete btching plant from one place to another place?



What advantages do we have compare with others factory mobile concrete batching plant? save customers’ cost and meet their demands,the host can be changed in the platform,if you want to produce different productivity per hour,you just change
the host,for example,if you are using JS500 as host to produce 25m3/h,but you want it 35m3/h,now you just need change JS500 to JS750 as host.the productivity
will be higher than before.

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2.Traction speed is more faster than other factories,its speed can be up to 60km per hour,so it can help the user to move it from one place to another place in short time.

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3.Electronic and automatic water level controller.Individual water box can make sure the short weighing time and improve the productivity efficiency.

1021423A-DD88-4ACA-9481-87611C831E77.JPG 70AB6A0A-03D4-4F88-9422-6C04D1B13ABC.JPG


4.Based on the moulder design,one big part and one small part,all pipes are installed well before leaving our factory,not only beautiful but also easy to install for users.

mobile concrete batching plant 32.jpg


5.To protect the users connecting and using safe electric,our factory set the power supply  alarm device,when you connect the wrong cables,the alarm will ring.



6.Jack up unit to help users to save install time.

mobile concrete batching plant 15.jpg


7.Emergency stop device is in control system panel,when some accidents happen,you can knob down.



About Henen Better Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd:


Henan better heavy industry co., ltd was founded in 1998 in Zhengzhou, factory covers an area of more than 450.000 square meters. our factory creates
and develops about 20 years, now the plant has already become a technical enterprise.
now it takes 10 years construction machines, factory machinery Division
successfully opens, an engineer and sales etc Department. now plant can produce a variety of construction equipment.

Concrete batching Plant:

Concrete plant types suited to the needs of different client.

Mobile concrete plant:

Belt type mobile concrete batching plant

Dry mortar production line:

Automatic type, simple operation, high efficiency.

JZC drum and JZM concrete mixer:

Mobile concrete mixer nice type is suitable for a small project, very easy to move.

Cement silo and auger conveyor:

Uses in the concrete plant, dry mixes, production line, bolt type silo cements, move easily.

All spare parts and wear parts

We prepare all equipment that was coming to our factory.

Sotruniki constantly try mature management, good products and attentive service. our products are exported to more than 108 foreign countries, such as Algeria,
Russia, Romania, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Austria, Malaysia, etc. our plant offers the entire company on the world of machine



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Mobile concrete batch plant for concrete mixing station