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Mobile Concrete batch plant dry-bin advantages


Mobile Concrete batch plant dry-bin advantages

       The operator of a mobile batch plants can produce exactly the type of concrete needed to the exact quantity through the use of an on-board computer. Once production is started, the various ingredients enter the mixer in the required doses and the finished mixed product comes out continuously ready for final use. a batch plant also offers economical and environmental attributes by recovering materials destined for landfil disposal, such as cement mixtures, regenerated from masonry rubble.

     Unique features of a dry concrete batching plant

1.Dry concrete batching plants as available for buying from Henan Better Heavy Industry are fully transportable, fully automated, have their own hydraulic off-loading legs and are capable of producing outputs of up to 75m3 per hour.
2.The compact and easy-to-use design ensures they can be up and working within just an hour of arrival on site. Four off-loading legs enable the bin-fed batching plant to be loaded and unloaded from a truck without the use of a crane.
3.During transportation the legs retract into the frame of the batching plant and during off-loading they open out into a width that allows the truck to drive away or move back underneath.

     Henan Better Heavy Industry mobile dry concrete batching plants are available in a choice of 2, 3 or 4 bins with output capacities from 25 - 75m3/hour (theoretical). Each unit has a specially designed conveyor belt to lift the raw materials. During transportation the convryor belt folds away into the first aggregate bin, minimizing its height. Every plant coms fitted with load cells and a digital display with printer to enable constant control of raw materials.

     Advantages have buying a concrete batching plant

  •  More economical - no time wasted waiting for a ready mix concrete mixer to deliver concrete to the job site and because they batch exact quantities of con-crete, wastage is minimal, if any
  •  Concrete is measured exactly where it is required or directly into a concrete pump or mixer truck.
  •  When you buy a batch plant, either new or in a used condition from Henan Better, you benefit from an unrivaled after-sales spare parts and back-up customer support service
  •  Henan Better Heavy Industry can supply a wide array of accessories to work alongside mobile batching plants: ad-mixture plants, low-level or upright cement silos, aggregate feeders and water pump to meet job site demands

   HZS series concrete batching plant features

  •  Host used JS series dual-axial type concrete mixer, mixing of good quality, high efficiency 
  •  Aggregate batching machine ingredients, accurate measurement, high production efficiency.
  •  Cement, water, liquid admixture ingredients adopt electronic scale metering, high precision. 
  •  Water supply system on the principle of pump pressure, the water flow speed, spray evenly 
  •  Aggregate feeding using belt conveyor, long life, and high work efficiency. 
  •  Electrical control system main components all adopt the imported, reliable performance, convenient operation and use, has a printing function.