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Mixing station control system function button?



Concrete mixing station control system has a lot of function buttons , so how to use them ? Today we have to carefully explain the function of each button.

Number 1 button is used to adjust water consumption . every click the button, it will increase water 0.5 kg , in the same way , whenever you click the down button, it will reduce 0.5 kg . Number 2 button is used to realize fly ash and cement silo storehouse broken arch . Number 3 button is used to print and save the data , when the staff press the "save" button , it will save the data , when employees press ' print 'button , it will print the data . Number 4 button is a manual switch button , when click on the manual, all actions are shown the red circle . Number 5 button is used to make all that the value zeros . When the staff click on this button , he should pay the attention to if the material is empty , in order to ensure the effectiveness of zero . Number 6 button is a selection of function buttons , when employees choose automatic broken arch , when the warehouse, fly ash cement blanking is slow , it will automatically start to break the arch .

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