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Method to improve the productivity of the concrete



What the users really care about is how to improve the efficiency of the production of concrete mixing station , according to the statistics, there are many influence factors affecting the concrete mixing plant production efficiency, Henan Better will talk with friends from all over the world in this share of it .

First of all , the staff should be equipped with enough truck first , In order to avoid in the process of the middle appear off the interrupt . we suggest you had better equipped with 1.2 times of the original equipment according to our experience , second , the staff should be very skilled , The operator should not only pay attention to the preparation time,but also should pay attention to accurate control the feeding time, stirring time and discharge time . Third , you should ensure that equipment is in normal operation ,This will require staff to mainten frequently . Fourth, you must ensure that the discharging mouth is large enough storage , Don't appear the phenomenon that storage place is full, the material is still out, you has to stop the machine . In the end, you must ensure that the concrete mixing station power is constant and steady , instead of the machine is running , all of a sudden , the power is outage . It is not only affects productivity, but also can have influence on the performance of the machine.


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