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Small and medium sized concrete mixing plant production safety measures



Every year there are a lot of accidents causing property and human waste,due to the operator is not in the correct way. So,it is necessary to master some necessary safety knowledge of how to use the concrete ready mix,the following is the safety of the specific matters

First of all,when the ready mix concrete plant is installed,making sure the foundation is not wet,it should be equipped with a drainage device. In addition, if the installation position is too high,it is better to be fitted with lightning protection equipment, in case of lightning. All piping must be properly placed . Second, making sure that the surrounding power supply is uninterrupted.

1 Remove dust regularly,because much dust will affect the efficiency of mechanical equipment .

2 Regularly check on the operation panel button, if there is a failure and the phenomenon of poor contact .

3 If indicator light is wrong instruction and not bright.

4 If bolt and Wire rope clip is tighten .

5 When staff is maintaining, air switch must be disconnected and making sure more than one person at the scene.

6 Forbiding anyone to orbit raise hopper or stand under the track.

7 Forbiding anyone to stand or put sundry in the discharge area.

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