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How to maintain ready mix concrete batching plant in winter



In winter the weather is so cold that the water system and cement is easy to freeze,in addition, belt conveyor belt will be affected by heat bilges cold shrink,  the belt will become short, the staff need to get the belt a little longer at this moment, otherwise it is easy to broken belt. The following we will talk about how to more effectively maintain ready mix concrete batching plant in the winter.

Due to the low temperature, properties of the lubricating oil becomes smaller,when you start the machine, the machine must be in idle running until the engine water temperature rise to more than 40 degrees. If the machine is equipped with preheating system of engine, the start should be preheated before.

Because of diesel oil solidifying point is very low, its fluidity is very poor in low temperature environment.The liquidity is very poor at this moment, so it's best to choose a good diesel.

When the temperature is too low, the viscosity of the electrolyte will increase and the resistance will be increased, so in order to prevent the electrolyte frozen, you should increase the proportion of the electrolyte.

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