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How to maintain HZS60 concrete mixing plant ?


When it comes to the maintenance of concrete mixing plant,each operator should acquainted with, but few people kown about it in reality.Today we will talk about how to maintain ready mix concrete plant scientifically.

The maintenance of concrete mixing plant can be broadly divided into mechanical parts maintenance and the maintenance of electrical control system. Prior to the start ,we emphasize the dust which is the first steps of maintenance. As is known to all ,A lot of dust accumulation will result in the property of most parts of equipment decline,at this time even if you add the lubricating oil as enough as you can ,the result would also be affected .Obviously, it is a direct result of shorting the life of the machine. The following respectively to do detail:


1 Ready mix concrete plant mechanical parts maintenance:

It mainly includes mixer, batching system maintenance and the maintenance of the road . First of all , you must make sure that the lubricating oil added into the transmission gear, reducer, chain, turn and rotate the wheel and rail, etc is enough as possible as you can according to specified requirement.Second, ensuring that the brake and clutch performance is good is also important .When brake is too wear to use perfectly, you should replace a new one.As to the maintenance of gas path, first, the air compressor should be placed on level off and clean place instead of kept wet, dirty, and the place where is full of the dust.In addition,there are a lot of attention ,such as clean the silencer every 250 working hours ,replacing lubricating oil every 500 working hours.


2 Concrete ready mix electrical control system maintenance :

1 You should check the contacts and fixed condition of electrical components on a regular basis, making sure that the contact of electric is tight.

2 Checking the contacts and fixed condition of electrical components, making sure the good contact and conduction.

3 All electrical equipment is equipped with a special setting insurance aiming at cut off power supply when the emergency accidents happen.In addition, the lightning strike, welding current burned and abnormal much material of loading also should be considered.


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