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Concrete mixer


JS series concrete mixer is a double horizontal shaft forced mixer. The series include JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 and other
 models.The concrete mixer can not only be used as the host to form a simple concrete batching plant and double concrete batching plant with different PLD series batching machine. Besides, the concrete mixer can be mixed for dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, mobile concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar. Therefore, it suitable for a variety of building construction and concrete batching plant  component  factory.


The concrete mixer is mainly composed of the mixing system, mixing drive system,feeding system, discharge system,water supply system,framework and walking system, electrical control system and so on.

1. Mixing system

The agitator includes a stirring cylinder, a stirring shaft, a stirring arm, a stirring blade and a side blade.

The stirring cylinder is equipped with two horizontal mixing shafts. Each shaft is equipped with a stirring  blade sheet. The stirring arm at both ends of the stirring cylinder is provided with side blades, respectively, which can clean up the concrete at inwall and change the flow of concrete.

2.Transmission system

Transmission can be divided into mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission according to the different transmission mode,. Hydraulic transmission has the advantage of light weight, small size, compact structure, good driving force, but it is expensive, high cost. Therefore, we use the traditional mechanical transmission.

Mechanical transmission system consists of motor, belt pulley, reduction gearbox, open gear and other components. The motor drives the two-stage reduction gearbox through the belt pulley.The two shafts of the reduction gearbox are usually composed of two small open gears and two big open gears. The two pairs of open gears respectively drive the mixing shaft  to rotate in constant speed.

3.Feeding system

The feeding system consists of hoisting motor, lifting frame, hopper, feed hopper, pulley .

(1)lifting frame

The lifting frame tilted 60 degrees which is a comprehensive consideration of the location of the lifting frame and stirring cylinder, and the width of the lifting frame. This ensures that the hopper up and down safely and smoothly.

(2)Feeding power and unloading

Stirring motor drive the stirring cylinder through the reducer, the rope drive the hopper to climb through the pulley.

when climb to a certain height, a pair of wheels on the bottom of the hopper turn into the lifting frame channel, hopper door open automatically , the material is fed into the bucket through the hopper. To ensure the accurate position of the hopper,lifting frame is equipped with limit switch.The stirring motor ensures that the hopper is reliably stopped at any position . The discharge door is mounted on the bottom of the stirring cylinder,it can be rotated about the horizontal shaft through the operating handle to achieve the purpose of starting and closing , then adjust  the discharge.

4.Water system

Water system is composed of the pump motor, swith control and piping.


Starting the pump motor can be injected into the stirring cylinder, the flow of water through the swith control to adjust ,the total water supply by the time relay to control. When the button goes to the "time control" position, the pump will automatically run and stop according to the time we set up in advance.

5.Electrical control system

The electrical control system needs to control the host of the concrete mixer, water system motor, feeding system motor, discharge system motors. All electrical control components are installed in a piece of iron located in the distribution box, safe and reliable, easy operation and maintenance.