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HZS90 belt conveyor concrete mixing plant


Assembly structure, easy maintenance and relocation, low transportation cost

Break through the traditional mixing station of the group welding mode, the use of modular design and assembly-type structure, maintenance and relocation convenience. High site utilization, flexibility to meet more complex terrain requirements. The basic work volume is reduced by 30%, the transportation cost is low, the packing quantity is reduced by 30%.

High efficiency and energy saving
The position of aggregate waiting hopper and powder metering bucket is placed in the middle of main engine to improve stirring efficiency. Production task of the free queuing, intelligent continuous production, production efficiency increased by 10%. Intelligent production Process Control, fully play the equipment efficiency, operating energy consumption reduced by 10%.
The industry's first intelligent washing machine, aggregate washing machine, no need to stop production, every 50 disks using intelligent washing machine, to prevent the holding shaft material, greatly reduce the customer's host cleaning and maintenance workload.

Intelligent control
The diagnostic information is displayed in real time, and the maintenance of the customer is prompted according to the equipment running status.
The use of advanced GPRS technology, easy to achieve fault warning, fault diagnosis.
Equipment remote upgrade, enjoy the latest feature experience.