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HZS120 concrete batching plant



Parameters for HZS120 concrete batching plant

Model Number :   HZS120
Theory Production 120 m3/h
Mixer Models MAO2000
Mixing power   2*37 kw
Output capability  120 m3
Aggregate size 80 mm
Hopper Hopper capacity   15 m3
Hopper quantity 4
Scope and precision of weighing Aggregate   4500kg ±2%
Cement   1200kg ±1%
Water   600kg ±1%
Additive   50kg ±1%
Total power   ±200 kw
Height of discharge   4.2 m



Mixing Time: 60s

Max Aggregate Size:60-80mm

Discharging Height:4200mm

Overall Dimension: 40*20*18 m

Installation Power: 200kw

Discharge: Hydraulic

Concrete Mixer

Twin shaft concrete mixer: SICOMA MAO2000

Charging volume: 3200L

Discharging volume: 2000L


Mixing speed: 23r/min

Mixer motor: 2*37 kw

Dimension: 4000*2400*3600mm

Weight: 7500kg

Cement weighing: 1 set

    Weighing Capacity: 1000kg

    Precision: ±1%

Water Weighing :1 set

    Weighing Capacity600kg


Additive Weighing :1 set

    Weighing Capacity: 50kg

    Precision: ±1%


1. Material

All of our steels used for the plant are national standard qualified, from big government owned company.

We used untirust paint, and we paint twice, first layer prevent the steel get rust, second layer is customer demand color.


2.  Mixing System

a) Motor: adopt first-class brand motor, 960r/min,most well know in national market.

   Quality durable, easy to recognize.

b) Reducer: adopt Good quality reducer

c) Auto lubrication system: world famous lubrication oil feeding

d) Spare parts: Our scale board and mixing blades are made from cast iron, very durable.

You can mix 80,000 batches concrete with just one set of spare parts. This generally save cost for our customer.

We have the ability to offer spare parts life time for customers

We always have stock in hand for any urgent requirements.


3. Control System

All the electric components are Siemens and Schneider.

They are the world famous brand and has after-sales network all over the world.

Manual operation platform and automatic control are both equipped. Once there is something wrong with the automatic control,the manual operation can be started. In this way, the interests of the customer can be guaranteed.