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How to use HZS240 concrete mixing plant ?


First , in order to operate it , we must be familiar with its structure  and performance. concrete mixing plant mainly consistes of Cement silo , screw conveyor, mixing console , aggregate belt conveyor, metering and control systems.And then you can Operate according to the scientific steps. Here are the specific steps :

Concrete ready mix specific steps:

1 When connecting key switch, only seeing the digital on the display can you start motor.

2 After matching the sand ,stone and other material according to the proportion of science,you can sent it to hopper part aiming at promoting to the mixing drum . Then water metering, measurement, metering and admixture of fly ash cement can be weighed according to formula.

3 When finding it is not equal between the actual measurement value and the set value,you can compensate by pressing divide compensation knob .

4 Manual releasing by pressing the manual material, at the moment ,noting that only when this material after it finished can loosen the button.

5 Closing the discharging door after releasing concrete over.

6 You should pay attention to the current value whether between 20 to 45 (A) in the whole process at any time


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