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How to use and mainten the hollow brick machine



The correct use of brick machine and scientific maintenance of brick machine can not only ensure the quality, but also can extend the life of the machine and reduce the failure rate. So ,how to correctly use and mainten in our daily life is very important? The following we will talk about it in detail.

1 Workers need to check the welding parts to see whether there is a weld crack , making sure the welding is in good condition.

2 You should be careful when you change the mold, avoiding a collision and knock against the phenomenon.In addition , the unused mold must be cleaned and coated in oil.

3 When workers clean up the mold, they should use tools to clean up, such as air compressor, soft tools, tapping, rather than the impact.

4 Staff should check whether there is loose phenomenon about major fasteners every day, If hydraulic pipeline is deformation or damage.

5 Whether oil cylinder needs to be added oil , whether the connecting parts need to be added the lubricating oil .


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