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how to solve concrete mixing station breakdown?


As is known to all , the cause of the concrete mixing station breakdown is a lot , Any kind of failure will affect the efficiency of the production of concrete mixing station . In addition , the concrete quality is not good . The following we will talk about common fault causes and treatment methods.

1 Belt damage : The reason is the belt sweeper installation is not correct , the processing method is to adjust the sweeper , repairing the belt in a timely manner.

2 The belt delivery is uneven : reasons include two aspects : one is the aggregate unloading order is wrong , aggregate unloading time interval is too short or too long , the processing method is to adjust the aggregate discharge sequence and adjust the aggregate discharge time interval.

3 mixing host trip : There are many reasons of mixing host trip , First of all , feeding too much makes the load of mixer big . second , the safety maintenance switch of mixing host broke down . Third , the belt is too loose , Fourth , the mixing blade between liner and clearance is too large . Processing method : 1 the staff should check whether the batching system is overweight . 2 Wether the gap between mixer blade and lining board is in the normal range . 3 The staff should check wether the safety switch is failure . 4 the staff should check whether the belt is loose , If it is loose, they should timely adjust it .

4 there is no signal in mixer discharge door : the reason is that the mixer discharge threshold position switch is broken , The processing method is that the staff should check whether the limit switch is loose and whether the limit switch is damaged , whether the pneumatic system work pressure of discharging door meet the requirements.

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