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How to prevent concrete corruption?


Concrete mixing station are mostly open-air homework , So the corrosion of concrete mixing plant is inevitable . If you don't pay attention to the maintenance at ordinary times , but Let it in the rain , in the wind and in the hot sun . Before long , the skin will fall off the rust . It is not only that the concrete mixing equipment is easy to corrosion , but also the concrete itself is also easy to corrosion . So what should we do in the daily production . Henan Better today will talk with friends around the world about the specific of what to do :


First , we explain the reasons of concrete corrosion , The main corrosion of concrete is Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere , Because the main components of the concrete is calcium hydroxide , A combination of this two will produce calcium carbonate , which will make the PH reduced , The second is that atmospheric temperature , if atmospheric temperature is too low, concrete is easy to broken , Because when temperature is too low , the water will freeze in concrete . Once the water freezes, the volume of concrete will be larger, concrete will have crack . Finally, there is the penetration of the salt solution . The following we will talk about it in detail with friends from all over the world .

We need to add some concrete corrosion resistant materials , Now the market has many different kinds of concrete corrosion resistance , such as epoxy resin coatings , vinyl coating , Polyurethane coating , Chlorinated rubber coating , asphalt coating . So what is the function of concrete preservatives ? It has good permeability , alkali resistance, good adhesion and abrasion resistance , in addtion , it also has flexibility and range of motion . If the concrete surface has voids and porosity , The staff need to use putty group of smooth and flat . The specific steps is employees besmear to brush penetration prime , then use putty , once again, besmear brushs of primer . After the completion of construction, the staff should maintain it timely .

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