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How to operate HZS180 concrete mixing plant ?


Concrete mixing plant

Concrete is a kind of artificial building materials which made of sand and water . Strength is its main performance and the commonly used range of strength is 10 to 60 mpa ,usually indicating by strength grade C20 - C60 .While ready mix concrete plant is a kind of mixing machine that matches all kinds of raw materials used forming concrete together according to certain proportion . Under the technical requirements of science, it operates perfectly ,then producing concrete.

Concrete ready mix operation manual :

1 Before putting into production ,you must check whether the material quality is qualified .

2 Whether a variety of material types match with control components before pressing the switch .

3 The equipment status is normal or not ,you must make sure the status is right anyway .

4 Checking the ratio of sand correct or not, in addition,the order of mixing time and the material putted into is also considered.

5 After the first tank, it need to do the compensation of all kinds of material .


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