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How to more efficiently operate dry mortar machine



Henan Better operation of dry mortar equipment can not only improve their productivity, while also increasing its lifespan, so how can we better operation of dry-mixed mortar equipment?

1. Dry mortar equipment, such as leaks ,  pipes and valves, and replacement of materials  after the wrapping is done in time before cleaning. Dry mortar in the package is complete, if it is not cleaned in time, can easily cause the pneumatic actuator part even stuck by bonding dry-mixed mortar. At the time of the next package ,packaging equipment cannot be packed again very insensitive or, less able to protect packaging accuracy.
2. It must ensure the appearance of the dry mortar machine clean and tidy. Packaging equipment used in the process of dry  mortar, mortar splashes and dust deposition occurs, if not wiped clean in time, will cause on the surfaceis affected by the contamination of packaging machines. In addition, the deposition also may cause the measurement of dry mortar part stuck or failure,  will eventually lead to lower packaging accuracy. 
3. Compressed air pressure regulator, should pay attention to regular gas. Compressed air pressure regulator if lack of oil will lead to drive the cylinder movement isimpeded, the impact implementation of the controller commands, causing accuracyproblems such as errors and even perform a cylinder malfunction
 So, when we use dry mortar machine after the operation, be sure to take note of the above issues
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