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How to improve productivity of concrete mixing plant?


Reasonable planning mixing plant location, is very important for the supply of commodity concrete construction in the future. When considering site location, to avoid the phenomenon of "cluster" plant, should make full use of the mixing plant, at the same time considering route of the vehicle engineering concrete supply time shorten appropriately bituminous concrete, thus improve the mixing plant production efficiency.

Concrete mixing plant maintenance is the key to ensure the mixing plant life. Basic automation concrete mixing plant, currently on the market and the difference of mixing plant life are mainly on the maintenance of equipment. Regular maintenance plant, not only can ensure the security of the side of a complete set of smooth, also can improve the production efficiency of the whole.

As commercial concrete raw materials, the particle size, ph value, to a certain extent affect the normal use of the equipment. Particle is too large, overly acidic or basic will accelerate mixer blade and the wastage of the lining board. To the aggregate of different specifications (including powder) to pile respectively, more conducive to use, At the same time to do a good job of dust-proof and rain In order to avoid unnecessary