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How to Do the Check Work Well Before Using the Concrete Batching Equipment?


 Although the using of concrete batching equipment is different from the concrete mixing plant, the concrete batching equipment can not work independently and produce concrete like the concrete mixing plant, the using of concrete batching equipment is of great importance in concrete mixing plant, no matter how large of the size of it. The followings are necessary for the check work:


1.After the concrete batching equipment is in place, the sensors should be fitted. Then, remove the retaining bolt of the weighing hopper so that the weighing hopper can work in a normal condition.
2.Check whether all of the transmission parts are flexible and whether the connecting bolts are loose.
3.Connect and install the electrical circuit of the equipment according to The Instruction of the Batching Control Instrument, including the main power cables, the motor cables , the sensor cables and the remote control cables.
4.Test the machine on the condition of no-load: running the no-load machine10 to 15 minutes continuously to see whether the machine can meet the criterion or not. If not, we should check and adjust the installation for complete set of engine so as to meet the specified requirements. It is easy to operate the concrete batching equipment. But if we want to use it well, we must do the check work before using it and maintain it after using it.