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How to choose the mixer of the concrete mixing plant?


 1.Requirements for the large capacity of concrete mixer mixing plant in the selection,First of all should be taken into account when the host discharge to the user's impact,The larger the capacity of the mixer, the faster the unloading speed, but the slow speed of the mixing truck, which will cause the concrete overflow, Therefore, when the user chooses to stir the host, we should set up the concrete storage hopper below the host, which can not only solve the problem of concrete overflow but also save the waiting time of the truck.
2.For water conservancy project users generally choose from the drop-type mixer, The mixer has a large volume and a small feed port,Commercial concrete mixing plant generally use forced concrete mixer, in the choice of this host must first consider the aggregate size, wearing parts life, maintenance and power supply conditions.
3.Different concrete mixing plant have different requirements for the mixer,the user must be based on their actual situation to choose the right mixing host,Henan Better mixer which is reasonable in structure, safe and reliable operation, low energy consumption, good quality and high efficiency of mixing concrete.With the independent use of stand-alone and as a mixing station of the dual advantages.Applicable to all types of construction of large and medium-sized construction, ideal equipment for hydropower, roads and ports, bridges, airports, large and medium-sized factory prefabricated and commercial concrete production plant.The series of products are JS500, JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, JS3000 six main models. The utility model can be combined with different types of PL series batching machines to form a simple concrete mixing station, and can also be used as the host of the mixing station. Can be mixed dry rigid concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar for a variety of construction and prefabricated components factory.