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how to choose cement brick machine?



When you going to buy cement brick machine, you often don't know which one to choose, for caring about too much. Some people want to buy a machine with good quality,some people want to buy the machine with low price and some people want to buy this model and the size he wanted . In a word, we want to buy a machine which not only have good quality and cheaper price, but also have considerate after-sales service and advanced production line equipment. Of course, it is not impossible, Henan better can satisfy the customer all requirements . The following we will share how to choose the brick machine with all the friends from around the world .

Generally speaking,when we deside to choose a brick machine, we should consider many factors, such as raw material, brick size, brick type, capacity, local voltage and frequency, local foundation condition, etc. Then after a comprehensive comparison and the combineing with our own actual situation,we start to jump to conclusions, rather than a sloppy choose.

Raw material: the raw material of brick machine includes many ,such as concrete ,flyash,slag,water,cement,sand,industrial waste and so on.Different machines need different materials.Brick size, As for the size, you should mainly see if the L*W*H of the machine is your wanted. Brick type, general types include hollow block, solid brick, interlock brick and paver. Capacity,you should see the actual capacity, instead of a theoretical capacity, whether the capacity is yout wanted . Local voltage and frequency, you should mainly see if its voltage matches with the local voltage.

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