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Highlighted efficiency JS twin-shaft concrete mixer in china


The automatic concrete mixer is a necessary equipment to produce concrete,which is  a horizontal double axle forced

mixer. it can not noly mix the dry and hard concrete, but also can mix plastic concrete, fluidity concrete, lightweight

aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar.we have a larger quantity of  Best concrete mixers for sale just waiting for
you to contact us.


Structure of best concrete mixer :

It mainly consists of mixing device,shaft head seal,four-class sealing protection,gear box,synchronizer as well as

hydraulic discharge . Among them ,mixing drum and mixer blade using special wear resisting material Q345, 

mixing drum thickness is 4mm,mixer blade thickness is 3mm,head thickness is 6mm . In a word ,the structure of

the mixer is reasonably and compactly, which can save space and be installed&replaced easily.


Specifications of js concrete construction :

1 The mixing arms are streamkine in axial and in radial direction which ensures fast mixing speed and can reach to the homogeneity quickly. Meanwhile, the unique designed structure can improve the utilization rate of cement .

2 Four-class Sealing Protection: Adopting imported reliable axial and all sealing parts are easy to be removed and replaced. It’s also suitable for bad work conditions for little daily maintenance.

3 Two shaft, great mixing power 

4 Single-motor gear drive. 


Application of js concrete mixer:

Mixers in this series are of double horizontal axles forced mixing style, widely used in all kinds of concrete element 

factories and construction projects of roads, bridges and ports resident buildings for mixing the hard concrete, plastic 

concrete, ambulatory concrete as well as light weight Aggregate and all kinds of sandstone pulp


Js concrete mixers technical Parameters :

Model JS1500 JS1000 JS750 JS500
The discharge capacity(L) 1500 1000 750 500
Feeding capacity(L) 2400 1600 1200 800
Theory of productivity(m3/h) 75 50-60 35 25
The max aggregate size(mm) 80 80 80 80
The working cycle time(s) 60 60 60 60
Mixing blade Speed(r/min)   21 31 35
Number   2*10 2*7 2*7
The mixing power Model   Y225S-4 Y200L-4 Y180M-4
Power(kw)   37 30 18.5
Winch motor Model   YEZ160S-4 YEZ132M-4-B5 YEZ132S-4-B5
Power(kw)   11 7.5 5.5
Pump motor Model   KQW65-100I 65DWB35-8A 50DWB20-8A
Power(kw)   3 1.1 0.75


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