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What are the influence of the environment of high temperature on concrete mixing station .



if the production of concrete mixing station environment temperature is too high , it will reduce the performance of the concrete mixing station greatly . So what issues should we pay attention to in the concrete operation and the use process ?Today we will talk about it.

1 If the temperature is too high , the temperature of the bearing will rise , Then the lubricant lubrication is reduced , if so ,the machine is easy to damage the structure of itself at runtime , making the life of the machine shorter.

2 As we all know , when mixing station is working ,due to the friction between the material, making the concrete mixing station hot . For the mixing uniformity requirement is higher , even if the material is very good material, its heat also is very serious.

3 if the temperature is too high , Most of the mechanical energy is changed into heat energy and get lose . In any case , You should make sure that the temperature of the material is not more than 50.

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