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Effect of fly ash on concrete



1. Concrete mixture workability is improved
Improving the fluidity of concrete mixture, cohesiveness and water retention, make it easy for concrete mixture pumping, pouring, molding, and reduces the slump through time

2. Concrete temperature rise reduces
After adding fly ash reduces the amount of cement and the fly ash hydration heat rarely, this reducing the exothermic, so when temperature rise and decrease, can significantly reduce the temperature cracks, it's specially good for large-volume concrete construction.

3. Improvements in concrete durability
Due to two times hydration role, concrete of dense degrees improve, interface structure get improved, while due to two times reaction makes easy by corrosion of hydrogen oxidation calcium number reduced, so mixed added fly ash can improve concrete of anti-infiltration sex and anti-sulfate corrosion sex and anti-magnesium salt corrosion sex,. While due to fly ash than surface area huge, adsorption capacity strong, thus fly ash particles can sucking impurity cement in the of alkali, and alkali occurred reaction and consumption its number. Free alkali reduction can inhibit or decrease in the number of alkali-aggregate reaction. Usually 3 fly ash can be avoided by alkali-aggregate reaction

4. Deformation decreases
Creep of fly ash concrete is less than ordinary concrete. Fly ash water-reducing effect of concrete shrinkage and early Millennium plastic cracked-concrete are basically the same or slightly lower, but low quality fly ash increases the drying shrinkage

5. wear resistance increase
Fly ash high strength and hardness and wear resistance of fly ash concrete is superior to that of normal concrete. But poor maintenance leads to reduced wear.

6. Cost reduction
Adding fly ash in strength conditions, reduces the amount of cement is about 10%~15%, which can reduce the cost of concrete.