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Dust collector overview



Above picture shows that after long time not maintaining the dust collector, staff try to open the dust collector to clean the filters.

Dust collector is a commonly used device, usually in the dust cleaning of life live is the industrial production is widely used, because people tend to use the ordinary dust collector in life cost is relatively low, so the highly  costs dust collector for complex equipment in cement, building materials and chemical and metallurgical industries use the most. It can filter out fine dust efficient dust removal of industrial production plants almost can't live without it.

Dust collector throughout the whole work,  the main components is the filter. Made with glass fibers of filter can be well separated from solid to gas, This material is porous, All devices rely on a system of main fan, Gases containing dust from the bottom of the device entry, and then through the air inlet, separated and then there is the outlet, Outlet of gas usually has no dust, But even the best filter, dust removal effect is not a hundred percent. The cartridge will be fully adsorption dust, Dust collector at work after a period of time, be sure to clean out filter, Otherwise dust will greatly affect the efficiency of the equipment, once the resistance of the filter is reached, the device is basically a waste. 

Dust removal equipment start cleaning first to keep the indoor gas stationary, That means  should not be placed in a well-ventilated location, Or very little the effect of dust, After the cleaning is completed to make appropriate waiting for dust, cleaning effect will be much better. 
Final recommendations after each time use, maintain the dust collector, Not cleaning all the time, but must remove filter dust, which can greatly extend the life of equipment

Parameter of commonly used dust collector

Filtration area24 

Filter qty14pc

Exhaust volume>1500m3/h 

 Filtration efficiency>99.9%

Cleaning method: intermittent vibration cleaning

Vibration motor power: 500 watt (380 v/50Hz)

Structure: cylindrical

Diameter: 788mm

Overall height: 1600mm

Connection: clamp connections (including seal flange connection)

Barrel material: carbon steel

Paint colors: yellow/grey/red